Seminars Series: Games & Entertainment Industries - Winter 2009

Below please find a first ever list of guest speakers for the MSc CGE - Seminars Series: Games & Entertainment Industries.

Unless otherwise specified, seminars will take place at Goldsmiths,in the Ben Pimlott Building (BPB), in the Seminar Rooms (middle of ground floor), on Tuesday afternoons, between 2 and 4pm (talk usually last an hour, followed by a Q+A).

Goldsmiths’ campus is best reached via London Bridge and either New Cross Gate (preferred) or New Cross stations. The BPB is a 5 minutes walk East of New Cross Gate (and a 10-15 min. walk West of New Cross): the BPB is no. 13 on the Campus map pdf

  • 3/2/09: Fred Hasson, Exec. Dir. RedBedlam — Collision or Convergence?
  • 10/2/09: Gwaredd Mountain (TD) & Stu Godfrey (Recruitment), Climax — Come create.
  • 24/2/09: Mark Hobbs, Senior Developer Relations Engineer, & Stuart Gray, Developer Relations Engineer, amBX — amBX SDK: How to cope with the habits of Games Developers.
  • 3/3/09: Matthew Wiggins, Lead Programmer, Codemasters —
  • 10/3/09: Dave Burrows, CTO Sony (SCEE) PSN — 10 things to think about before you code a franchise.
  • 17/3/09: Charlie Skilbeck, Microsoft — Gameplay: Why is it easier to make a crappy game worse than better?

Contact If interested contact: Frederic Fol Leymarie [email protected] +44 (0)20 7078 5052

27th January 2009
Andrew Robson, MD Testology
Ben Pimlott Bldg., Ground Floor, Seminar Rooms, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW, UK.
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The Importance of Testing

27th of January 2009 Summary:

  • My background
  • Ways in which to get into QA/development
  • Importance of QA
  • Different types of QA
  • QA's Interaction with other disciplines
  • My experiences with development and programmers
  • Running Testology
  • Q&A session

Short Bio:
15 years of Development experience. Formerly the head of testing at Lionhead studios and Bullfrog productions. Now running Testology which is an outsourcing testing company that specializes in game-play analysis and QA functionality testing , having worked on titles such as Fable 2 and Little Big Planet.



Collision or Convergence?

Fred Hasson -- RedBedlam Exec. D., ex-TIGA CEO

MSc CGE - Seminars Series: Games & Entertainment Industries - Winter 2009
3rd of January 2009

In the 8 years since Tiga was formed much has changed, whether its frame rates and processing power or new business opportunities for games based skills. This is a new industry going through similar patterns of consolidation seen in rapidly moving sectors but also challenged by convergence from other media sectors.
Tiga is the national trade association representing the business and commercial interests of games software developers in the UK and Europe. Tiga
Fred Hasson was founder and former CEO of UK developer trade body Tiga. In May 2008 he joined virtual world company RedBedlam as executive director.
RedBedlam was established in 2001 and develops virtual world and virtual economic technologies. It launched its first and only title Roma Victor in 2006, a historically accurate MMORPG set in Roman-occupied Britannia, and is currently planning to use its library of virtual world technologies on new more commercial projects.