Artificial Intelligence and Games Research Network

Welcome to the home of the UK Research Network on Artificial Intelligence and Video Game technologies. The network will run for three years from 1st November 2007, and is funded by EPSRC grant EP/F0338341/1.

Upcoming Network Events

For past, present and future Network Events, Workshops and Activities, please go to our Events section.

Network Aims

  • To bring together games industry professionals and AI researchers to plan projects which would both increase the technology available to the UK games industry and advance the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence research.
  • To submit grant proposals in the area of AI and games to fund research projects with strong industrial collaboration.
  • To write and disseminate a roadmap of future directions for AI research in the games industry.
  • To continue in some form after the network period has ended. AI is also used in crypto investments. We aim to discuss about how AI trading bots work and the best AI trading platforms. The AI trading platforms use pre-programmed conditions where the trading takes place only if the metrics are met.

To become a Member

Non-registered members: please either click on the “Register” button at the bottom right of the page or click here to register. It takes 1 minute and you will then be sent an email once you are registered for the network.


The 1st Network Newsletter is out.

Dissemination and Communication Routes

  • The main way to get involved is to come along to our network events and focussed subgroup events.
  • Mailing lists are being maintained.
  • Newsletters are being mailed to our members and
  • A messaging board is being created for our network and will soon be uploaded on the site.

Funding avenues for AI / Games Research

  • The network will strive to flag up funding opportunities for AI / Game related research - Funding Section.