Professor William Latham’s Inaugural

February 3, 2009, 17h30, Ian Gulland Lecture Theater, Goldsmiths College

Computer art, games and business — A chronological history of William Latham’s work.

Lecture summary:

William Latham will chart the course of his work from its roots in traditional Fine Art, through his early hand drawn evolutionary drawing through to his work as a Research Fellow at IBM UK Scientific Centre in Winchester from 1987 to 1993. It is there he developed his pioneering Mutator computer art style, and he will expand on its worldwide exposure at the SIGGRAPH conference and touring exhibitions around the world. He will then cover his commercial work; founding a software development studio and its projects in the music and computer games industry over a 13 year period with Universal Studios, SONY , Virgin and Nokia and later due diligence work for banks and investors. He will then talk about his work since joining Goldsmiths, University of London, and restarting the Mutator 2 Project there which had been dormant for 13 years. He will also discuss the new Mutator 2 genetics project with the Centre for Bioinformatics at Imperial College and the broadening scope of Mutator 2 moving into 3D Design and architecture. Though the talk is chronological it will cover a mixture of art, creative, technical, research, management and business threads and William will aim to share some of the sharper personal insights from the journey so far, and the importance of collaborative work.

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