AISB'09 Symposium: AI & Games

Edinburgh Scotland 8th - 9th April 2009

UPDATE: The Symposium as well as FULL PAPERS, will accept DEMOS of exiting AI & GAMES solutions, posters and TUTORIALS sessions on existing AI or Gaming tools for submission in the 19th of January 2009.
Symposium website.

Computer games now form an important sector of the computing and entertainment industries, and they are very sophisticated in many ways. The need for better artificial intelligence (AI) in games is deeply felt, however, and recognised by the industry. Conversely, games offer new challenges and excellent application domains for AI technology and research. Games are increasingly used for education, serious games or game-based learning, where story and AI techniques create a believable, engaging experience for learners.

This symposium focuses on the application of artificial intelligence or intelligent-like techniques, frameworks and theories to the creation of interactive engaging intelligent games. It will address three main areas and the following questions:


# Intelligent Ganes
# How intelligent games are designed and engineered
# What artificial intelligence brings to games and vice versa
# Application of AI planning, machine learning etc. to games
# Path-planning, crowd simulations, flocking, steering behaviours
# Real-time performance of AI techniques in games
# Intelligent, (semi-)automatic content-generation
# Crucial elements of a believable intelligent games
# How to make AI characters more believable, intelligent and adaptable
# Group behaviours of AI characters
# Crucial elements of believable intelligence in games
# Psychological aspects of intelligent games
# Cognitive, social, and emotional impact of intelligent games Technology for Intelligent games
# Combining games and technology to produce engaging and immersive
# Emerging technologies(e.g. virtual environments and content sharing, intelligent agents, human, robotics, wearable computing, artificial vision, mixed reality, and advances in understanding of human emotion and gesture) and their application to intelligent games Users and Intelligent Games
# The interaction between players and the game
# Understanding the player's state, in playful and serious games
# Adapting to players, to improve gameplay

We welcome researchers from academia, education and industry, in particular those involved with the design, development and evaluation of AI and games. Their expertise could be in a range of areas including: AI, machine learning, planning, narrative, education and training, multimedia, game design and development, characters design, interaction design and evaluation for children, adults and any other relevant area.


Paper submission: 19 Dec 2008

Notification: 2 Feb 2009

Camera-ready copy: TBC

Registration: TBC

Workshop Dates: 6-7 April 2009


All papers accepted for the workshop will be published in the AISB proceedings produced for the conference.

The best papers will be also invited to submit to a Special Edition “Artificial Intelligence and Games” of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS), Editor-in-Chief: Richard E. Ferdig, University of Florida, USA, Special Edition Editors: Daniela Romano and David Moffat.
Please note that such papers would be resubmitted and re-reviewed for the special issue using the journal guidelinesand the normal standards for acceptance. Further details will be announced after the symposium.


Daniela Romano, Lecturer, Serious Games in Virtual Environments, The Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield

David Moffat, Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science, School of Engineering and Computing, Glasgow Caledonian University