Daniela Romano – University of Sheffield

Dr. Daniela Romano is a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Sheffield University. She is a member of the AI and Games Network. She is the organiser of the AISB’09 symposium on AI & Games .

Her research involves the development of believable virtual environment for education and training purposed, also known as “Serious Games”. She combines 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality technology with Artificial Intelligence techniques for improving the capabilities and the generations of virtual believable environment; and the behaviour and expressivity of the synthetic characters that populates them. Her research work is intrinsically multidisciplinary, from 3D graphics and Virtual Realty, to AI, HCI and Psychology and has applications in various domains.

Some of Daniela’s current and completed research projects with that combine the use AI and machine learning techniques with virtual environments are below:

  • SPICE: Simulation & Prediction In Crowded Environments, funded by MoD COI
  • URSULA: Urban River Corridors and Sustainable Living Agendas, funded by EPSRC
  • Spoken language Generation for Teaching British Politeness with an ECA, funded by and EPSRC studentship
  • Real Time Personalisation through Emotion Recognition using Physiological Signals, funded by a CONACT studentship
  • Gesture to Speech, funded by a CONACT studentship
  • DICE: Domain Independent Collaborative Environment, project completed, funded by the Dubai Police

Her homepage is here:

Daniela's Homepage