Tanya Krzywinska

Tanya Krzywinska is a Professor in Screen Studies. She has a BA (hons) in European Literature and Film and Drama (Reading), an MA in Modern Drama ( University of North London ), and a PhD 'Economics of Fantasy and Desire in Explicit Sex films' ( University of North London ). She is President of the Digital Games Research Association (www.digra.org) and has published widely on different aspects of videogames, co-authoring Tomb Raiders and Space Invaders: videogames forms and contexts and co-editing ScreenPlay: cinema/videogames/interfaces and Videogame/Player/Text. She is also the author of: A Skin For Dancing In: Possession, Witchcraft and Voodoo in Film and Sex and the Cinema, plus co-author of Science Fiction Cinema: From Outer Space to Cyberspace. (co-authored with Geoff King). (Wallflower Press, 2000). She is currently focusing her attention on game media, in particularly in relation to massively multiplayer online games and transmedial fantasy franchises.

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