Simon Colton - Imperial College, London

Dr. Simon Colton is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London. He is one of the leaders of the AI and Games Network, and is in charge of the AI for Game Design track of the network.

His research involves the development and combination of Artificial Intelligence techniques for creative tasks in application domains such as pure mathematics, visual arts, graphic design and video games. He leads the Computational Creativity Group at Imperial.

Simon has worked with Introversion Software, Rebellion Developments and Emote Games on grant proposals submitted to the EPSRC, LDA and TSB. His funded projects in the area of AI/Games are:

  • Secondment into Knowledge project with Introversion Software, funded by LDA
  • Enhancing Objet Trouve methods in Graphic Design, with Introversion Software funded by EPSRC
  • An API for DEFCON with Introversion Software, funded by TSB
  • Computer Aided Game Design, with Rebellion Developments Ltd., funded by TSB/EPSRC
  • AI Social Agents, with Emote Games Ltd., funded by TSB/EPSRC
  • Automatic City Generation for Video Games, with Introversion Software Ltd., funded by TSB.
  • Automatic Board Game generation for the IPhone, funded by TSB

His homepage is here: Simon's Homepage