Pedro Torres

I am a Ph.D. Student at the Computational Bioinformatics Laboratory, a research group within the Department of Computing of Imperial College London. I am working under the supervision of Simon Colton and, together with Ning Jiang, John Charnley, Marc Hull and Daniel Wagner, we form the Combined Reasoning Group.

I work at the intersection of Logic and Machine Learning and I am interested in designing a system which can form mathematical theories automatically from basic definitions and axioms. As part of that goal, I am devising an automated way to take examples of interesting human-created theories and induce a general way to form theories which is characteristic of those examples.

The general problem of learning from examples using representations based on logic is part of a subject called Inductive Logic Programming. A wealth of resources on Inductive Logic Programming and related machine learning approaches can be found on the websites of ILPNet and ILPNet2.

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