Michaela Black is a lecturer at the University of Ulster since September 1999. Her main teaching interests are in object oriented and logic programming, intelligent systems and Personal Development Planning (PDP). Michaela’s research interests are currently focused on applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Games and Data Mining within a variety of domains.

Her Ph.D. work was in collaboration with British Telecom Martlesham, investigating and designing an algorithm to deal with Machine Learning in the presence of concept drift and noise. The result of which has about to be awarded an International patent. Michaela has currently extended her AI research work into Games, supervising 5 PhD students in the areas of AI: Concept Drift, Profiling Players; and Games: Emotion in Games, Enhancing Engagement in Education with Game Design Strategies, Intelligent Dynamic Adaptive Agents.

Having been successful in securing a FUSION grant with Brandt Translations from Dundalk, Michaela is working on a project to develop Brandt’s in-house automated testing tool Shadow for the world wide market.