Katiushka Borges is a Sensory Interactive Artist who creates interactive love games for people to enjoy more intimacy, more attraction, more fun and more friendship in their lives. Her installation work has been tested by over 25000 people around Europe since 1997 in various forms by interacting with people and love guiding them through the experience of playing love games.

The Interactive Playground for Lovers like us has different areas of interaction for people to play with:

'The Interactive Bed' (where two people can play 'Erotopolis'), 'The way I see you' and the full game 'Erotic Shortcuts for Lovers Like Us' can be played by two people (either couples or friends or people who are dating) in front of a computer.

The interactivity of these love games bring people together and in a playful way invite them to explore their likes and dislikes, get people to feel closer and inspire to find more about what makes each other tick. It aims to create more connection and more communication between the two players in a sensory way : visually, auditory, kinesthetic and scent.

See some examples of her installation work presented in Mediartech, Florence (1998) , Mediarama, Seville (2001)


Check latest experiment (still work in progress) of series of tests 'Play The Love Game. http://www.loverslikeus.net

They key is to build your love profile and invite someone to play with you. Then compare the results when two people sit together in front of a computer, light a candle, have a glass of wine or champagne, and create that atmosphere to see and compare results.

How users build their love and relationship profile? 1-By discovering their Love Sense, 2- By checking the levels of intimacy, attraction, fun and friendship in their relationship with The Love Thermotest and 3- By Playing Interactive Partners to express what each partner wants more off or less off. 4- Then when they finish get the reward of a Sensory Guided Meditation to increase levels of pleasure 'Connect your sex with your heart'.