Christoph Salge

Christoph Salge currently researches at the University of Hertfordshire, where he is a member of the Adaptive Systems Research Group.

Research Interest

I am interested in AI-aided game design, where AIs are used to either evaluate game content, such as rules, or are used to create such content. I have previously worked with genetically adapting AIs, both to create a are more complex game world, and to evaluate the game mechanisms of such a world in regard to loop holes and exploits.

See related paper "Using genetically optimized artificial intelligence to improve gameplaying fun for strategical games"

My current research is focussed on modeling and simulating aspects of social interaction with the help of information theory. I am especially interested in the transfer of information between agents and how such a system can evolve from a simple model to display complex behavior.

My current interest in games comes from looking for applications of our theoretical models in a more “life like” scenario. I am always looking to apply some of our new methods to either create interesting and complex NPC behaviour, or to use them as a tool for better AI decision making.