Andrew Tuson

Dr Andrew Tuson is the Head of the Department of Computing (from July 2007) at City University, London. Originally educated as a chemist (MA Chemistry, 2:1, Oxford, 1995), he then changed direction to undertake research in artificial intelligence (AI) and studied for a MSc (with distinction, 1996) and a PhD at Edinburgh University's former AI department under Dr Peter Ross, from where he graduated in July 2000. He is currently studying for an MBA in Higher Education Management at the Institute of Education, University of London.

As a member of City's Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AIS) group, he has been research-active in the fields of evolutionary computation and neighbourhood search optimisation since 1994, and has authored over 25 peer-reviewed papers, of which 4 are in international journals. He also holds membership of the British Computer Society (BCS), the BCS Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (BCS-SGAI), the Operational Research Society (ORS), and the Society for Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour (AISB).

In addition, Dr Tuson has been actively involved in organising conferences, most notably as the Publicity Chair for the discpline-leading International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-05), held in Edinburgh in August 2005. He has served as chair of the Operational Research Society's Local Search Study Group, and a committee member of the British Computer Society's Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Tuson has completed one DERA-funded research grant, and a EPSRC/DERA-funded research grant, totalling over 70,000 pounds, as well as a CASE award with DERA (2000-2003). He is the main supervisor for 5 PhD students (Andrews, Bowkis, Davidson, Gong, Zhang), and one completed PhD student (Parkinson).

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