Adam Russell

Title: Games Studio Manager and Lecturer in Games Programming
Company: University of Derby
Location: Derby, UK
Email: a -dot- russell -at- derby -dot- ac -dot- uk

I have recently taken on the role of Studio Manager for the University of Derby's new internal Games Studio, which employs Derby game development students to work on real-world computer game development projects for external clients. This new role builds on my recent return from the front-lines of commercial games development to take up a teaching position within Derby's School of Computing, joining a teaching team who have since been nominated for a Develop Magazine Industry Excellence Award for their efforts in games education.

This move followed two years at Eurocom Entertainment in Derby, where I was lead AI programmer on an unannounced next-generation project. Prior to that I spent three years working at Lionhead Studios down in Surrey, where I played a pivotal role in the AI design for Microsoft's critically acclaimed and best-selling XBox RPG Fable. I continue to maintain active contact with the UK games industry, have spoken at a variety of industry events, published multiple articles in the AI Game Programming Wisdom book series, and occasionally blog on along with several other industry figures.

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