Prof. Abdennour El Rhalibi

Professor Abdennour El Rhalibi is professor of entertainment computing and head of strategic projects at the school of computing and mathematical sciences, at Liverpool John Moores University in UK. Abdennour's main research interests lie in Computer Game Technologies, and in Applied Artificial intelligence. In year 2000, he was involved in the development of one of the first MSc Computer Games Technology in UK, and has since led the development of game research and courses at Liverpool John Moores University. He is currently leading several funded projects involving Game 3D Web-Based Game Middleware Development and Deployment, Game Based-Learning, State Synchronisation in Multiplayer Online Games, Content Sharing in Virtual Environments, Peer-to-Peer MMOG Deployment and Dynamic Interactive Storytelling. He serves as programme chair, and as member of programme committee in numerous conferences on Game Technologies, Computer Entertainment, Edutainment, HCI, Multimedia, and Artificial Intelligence. Recent events include: IEEE CCNC 2006-2009, IEEE NIME 2006-2009, IEEE DECT 2008-2009, GDTW 2006-2010, ACE 2005-2006, PGNet 2006-2008, Cybergames 2006-2008, Edutainment 2006-2009, Fuzz-IEEE 2007, HCI 2008, DESE 2008, CIG 2006-2008, IEEE DMAMH’2009, IEEE ICC 2006, IEEE CEC 2006-2007, ACM Sandbox 2006-2009, MESM 2006, GameOn North America 2006, ICEC 2006-2008, IEE Mobility 2006-2007, ACM FuturePlay 2006-2009, Game-On 2006-2007,? MICAI 2006-2008, ISM 2006, IE 2006, IICAI 2007, GameOn Asia 2007, WTCS 2007, ISCS 2007, IEEE SMC UK&RI 2006-2007, ISDA 2006, ICMLA 2006-2008, ISM 2007, MMVE 2008-2009, ASTEC 2008, ECS 2008, IEEE ICIS 2008, DIMEA 2008, AISB 2009, CASA 2009. He also serves in several journal editorial boards including, IJVR, Transactions on Edutainment, ACM CiE and Hindawi International Journal of Computer Games Technologies where he recently led the publication of a special issue on Game AI.