Artificial Intelligence and Games Research Network

Welcome to the home of the UK Research Network on Artificial Intelligence and Video Game technologies. The network will run for three years from 1st November 2007, and is funded by EPSRC grant EP/F0338341/1.

This website is still under development.

Upcoming AI/Game Events

Launch Event - 12th December 2007

First network event: all day on 12th December 2007 at the Dana Centre in London.

  • For the map and agenda, please click here
  • For information on the public evening event, please click here

Network Aims

  • To bring together games industry professionals and AI researchers to plan projects which would both increase the technology available to the UK games industry and advance the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence research.
  • To submit grant proposals in the area of AI and games to fund research projects with strong industrial collaboration.
  • To write and disseminate a roadmap of future directions for AI research in the games industry.
  • To continue in some form after the network period has ended.

Events and Activities

  • Network-level events, 1 per year, held at Imperial College, London.
  • Focussed sub-group events, 1 per year in (roughly) these topics:
    • AI and avatars (to be held at the University of Bradford)
    • AI and game design (to be held at Imperial College, London)
    • AI and non-player characters (to be held at the University of Essex)
  • Individual research trips for academics, research associates and PhD students to visit games companies.

Dissemination and Communication Routes

  • The main way to get involved is to come along to our network events and focussed subgroup events.
  • We will also be maintaining mailing lists.
  • And we will send out a quarterly newsletter to network members.

Contact Details

  • General enquiries:
  • Industrial liaison: John Cass, Business Development Unit, Imperial College, London.
  • AI for avatars: Peter Cowling, School of Informatics, University of Bradford.
  • AI for game design: Simon Colton, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London.
  • AI for non-player characters: Simon Lucas, Department of Computing and Electronics, University of Essex.