Interludes - First Soho sessions, 28th and 29th October

Interludes is a series of theatrical works developing which involve play, technology, participation and so on. First workshop sessions are part of the Fringe programme at the London Games Festival and take place 28th and 29th October in Soho.

Teams are being put together,By hand. Each team is:
(1) a writer,
(2) an artist/aesthetician/visual designer (any medium) and
(3) technical director/software developer/game designer/developer.

There are a few amazing writers, are getting in some great art talent (all sorts including textile designers, architects, landscape artists etc.), but what tech dev type people are needed (category 3).

There are five projects being developed so we need 5 tech leads (we have one maybe two already. Character AI and other related CS practitioners would be perfect people to work with.
There is an Arts Council funding for this workshop. well.

Anyone interested get in touch:

[email protected].