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Jan 12th 2009. Industry/Academia workshop on AI/Games. The National Media Museum, Bradford, UK.

Day Workshop (10:30am-5pm): “Avatars – Industry/Academic collaboration for AI to engage and emulate human players”.

Evening Event (7pm-late): AI is dead - long live online gaming!”.

Co-sponsored by: EPSRC Industry/Academia Research Network on AI for Games and Screen Yorkshire's Game Republic Academy.

The day workshop, at the National Media Museum (Bradford BD1 1NQ), ran from 10:30am-5pm, and lunch/tea/coffee was provided, which allowed for ample networking opportunities. The day comprised keynote talks, contributed talks and discussion groups. We particularly aim to encourage networking between games developers and academics to foster collaboration. The venue was only 10 minutes walk from either of Bradford’s two railway stations.

Speakers/panellists include: Alex Champandard (game AI consultant, Marc Cavazza (Univ. Teesside -, Joanna Bryson (Univ. Bath -, Simon Colton (Imperial College -, Mark Morris (Introversion -

The evening Game Republic event, at The Round Foundry (Foundry Street, Leeds LS11 5QP) had a panel and Q&A session from 7pm to 8pm, followed by refreshments, food and networking in the bar.

Panellists include Jamie Sefton (Game Republic -, Martin Korda (Games writer and consultant -, Jon Hare (Sensible Software), Alex Champandard (game AI consultant, Peter Cowling (University of Bradford -

<Digimax S500 / Kenox S500 / Digimax Cyber 530>

Professor Peter Cowling (left) of the University of Bradford and Jamie Sefton (middle) of Game Republic present a cheque for £500 to Mike Skinner (right) for the Microsoft prize for the best student on the MSc AI for Games course ( at the University of Bradford.


Approaches to Interactive Narrative Generation

Daniel Kudenko


The history of narrative in games goes from stories written in manuals - weak stories. Moving onto pre-written stories (Farenheit), and more recently the story overlaid on a set of actions you can't alter (Bioshock). But you can't write paths for every decision…
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Areas for Industry Academic Research Collaboration in Game AI

Mark Morris


Looking at how to make my life better, and this will possibly help any other indie developers out there.
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Funding Streams for AI & Games research

Simon Colton


Many funding proposals done (15 in 12 months, 12 accepted, 3 rejected unjustly ;) ). Been working with games companies such as Introversion Software (Small independent), Rebellion Developments (300 strong developer), Emote Games (80 strong, social games).

Examples of Introversion funding were wide ranging in both money and the depth of what the required work was. Most of the time Introversion provided a certain percentage of the amount of money for the project. Projects for DEFCON, Subversion, and others.

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Time for AI: Emotions, Goals, Turn Taking (and more) for Intelligent Actors

Joanna Bryson


Notes: Why does time matter? You can't think of everything. Memory, sequencing and pursuit of goals (taking the time to get something done)…

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The Race for Better Game Avatars & Player Immersion

Alex Champandard


Looking at the industry side of AI. Have worked on Killzone 2 recently and previously Rockstar with various games and prototypes…

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There is also a video of the final panel discussion available in video form from the

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Last but not least, you may wish to read the report of the Workshop that was written by Andrew Armstrong, who attended a game AI workshop in the U.K. recently.